What is Dermatology?

  • Dermatology is the medical and surgical specialty in which skin, hair and nail conditions are diagnosed and treated.  Dermatologists are medical doctors who are specially trained to provide medical, surgical and cosmetic treatments of the highest quality.

Do I need a referral to see a dermatologist?

  • No.  You can contact us at (803) 749-0097 and we will schedule an appointment for you.  Please be aware that your insurance plan may require a referral from your primary care or other physician.  You are responsible for obtaining this, if necessary, in advance of the appointment.  You may also bring it with you at the time of the appointment if required by your insurance plan.  Payment for services provided is the responsibility of the patient if the proper referral is not present and is required.

How quickly can I be seen if I ask for an appointment?

  • It depends; if there are cancellations or schedule changes. We may be able to work with your schedule to see you quickly if indicated.

If I schedule an appointment in the future, will I receive a reminder call or notification?

  • Yes.  Reminder calls are made several days prior to your scheduled appointment.  We will leave a message or voicemail if there is no answer.

How do I obtain results of tests?

  • Lab results are usually available within 5-10 business days.  It is our office policy to contact you by phone initially with your test results, if the doctor feels this is indicated.  If you do not hear from our office within two weeks of having a test performed, please contact our office for your information.

If I call for a prescription refill, how will this request be answered?

  • This is St. Andrews Dermatology policy for prescription requests to ensure the highest quality medical care and to protect your safety:
    • We ask that you inform us at the time of your visit if you need a prescription refilled.
    • It is efficient to have your pharmacy where you had your original prescription filled FAX us a form to our office requesting the refill.  This form will include the dosage and history.  The physician will approve the refill and have this request FAXED to the pharmacy.  We will contact you if there is a problem with the refill request.
    • If your prescription is over one year old, or if it is medically indicated for your continued safety, you will be asked to schedule an appointment with your physician.
    • We do not refill prescriptions after business hours or on holidays.
    • This information is needed for a refill request:
      • Your full name and date of birth
      • The name of the medication and dosage form (i.e. “mg” amount of pill, cream, ointment, etc.)
      • How you take the medicine (i.e. once a day, twice a day, etc.)
      • How much of the medicine you receive (i.e. size of tube)
      • Your pharmacy name, location and FAX or phone number.
    • Please note that the request must be reviewed and approved by your physician.  If approved, it will be sent to your pharmacy within 24 hours or the next business day.  Please call your pharmacy to be sure that they have received the prescription and it is ready for you to pickup.

If a minor is seen, do they need to be accompanied by an adult to see the doctor?

  • Yes, all minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at the first visit.  A consent form can be signed to allow responsible children to be seen without a parent or legal guardian for follow-up visits if appropriate.

Is St. Andrews Dermatology accepting new patients?

  • Yes, our physician is happy to accept new patients.

We welcome you to our practice at St. Andrews Dermatology.  Dr. Clemenz is here to help her patients and to provide care for your skin to promote health and optimize your appearance.

Dr. Rebecca L. Clemenz is certified by the American Board of Dermatology and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology.  

We want to answer your questions.  So please call us at 803-749-0097.

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